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Oh god fangirls....

Oh god fangirls....

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Welcome to Glomp! The Manga!.

CALLING ALL OTAKUS AND MAYBE EVEN A FEW WEEABOOS!!! What fangirl/boy/it wouldn't give the world to bring to life thier favorite anime and manga characters? What could possibly be better than coming face to face with the fictional beings you all fawn over? This wish is granted for a select group of fangirls, who find that thier favorite characters are showing up for no explainable reason! Sounds like a bad crossover, right? SURPRISE!; we actually have a plot! The girls not only have to help these lost characters as they are dragged from thier own worlds into ours, they have to find out what is bringing them here and how to get them home safely. And on top of that, a malicious orginization is hunting down and exterminating all these oncoming characters, and it's up to this posse of otakus and characters to bring them down and save the world for all of anime kind! WARNING: May contain gore, yaoi, sexual innuendo, fangasming, general insanity, bewbs, angst, traps and lots and lots of GLOMPS! Based on the fanfiction by my dear friend, Kaga. (See Fishflakes on

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Glomp! The Manga! launches!

Posted by SadistWithScissors
29 Apr 2012
send a PM

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Glomp! The Manga!! Comics coming soon!

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